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Grenadian Engineering Practice

Kenrick Gabriel & Associates is situated in Saint George, Grenada. KGA was founded in 1994 by its Principal Mr. Kenrick Bernard Gabriel, a Consulting Engineer who has practiced in Grenada since 1986. KGA has been working in association with other professionals in the fields of Planning, Architecture, Engineering and Quantity Surveying. KGA takes an active role in the design and management of projects as team leaders. The achievement philosophy of producing good work on time and within budget is the basis on which KGA has developed.

civil engineering consultants

Because Every Element of Life Needs Engineering In Some Form

To make a construction project a hit, you’ll need professional structural and civil engineering consultants. We will provide you with pioneering, structurally safe, visually pleasing and cost-effective roads, bridges, airports, parking lots, home and commercial building designs. We make it a point to apply the newest engineering techniques and strategies for all our projects.

civil engineering consultants

Skilled and Experienced Professionals

Our squad of highly skilled and experienced professionals can answer all of your residential, commercial and industrial needs. Aside from road, building and home designs, our service includes planning, property appraisal and more. For designing, construction and maintenance in Grenada, partner with professional engineering consultants.

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